EYFS Barefoot Morning

4th March 2024

Step back with us into the enchanting world of our EYFS as we relish and share the extraordinary joy that unfolded during our recent Barefoot Morning! This special occasion took place on Thursday, as the children eagerly left their shoes behind to immerse themselves in a unique day of sensory exploration, creativity, and sheer delight.

The anticipation was palpable as our little ones arrived, knowing that Thursday was the day they could experience the sheer joy of barefoot freedom. With giggles and smiles, they kicked off their shoes, ready to let their feet become the protagonists of a day filled with wonder.

Creativity knew no bounds as the children engaged in unique artistic endeavors. Drawing with their feet, they created whimsical shapes and patterns on large sheets of paper. Painting their feet and leaving colorful footprints behind, they transformed the space into a gallery of imaginative expression.

EYFS 1.jpeg

The barefoot adventure continued with sensory play that delighted the senses. From squishing their toes in trays of textured materials to navigating through bins filled with various sensory delights, their feet became the ultimate explorers, discovering a world of tactile wonders.

As Thursday's sunset, we were left with the echoes of laughter, the imprints of creativity and the memory of tiny feet dancing in delight. The Barefoot Morning wasn't just a day without shoes; it was a celebration of the uninhibited joy that comes with embracing the world through our senses.

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