World Environment Day

5th June 2024

Braestars celebrated this year's World Environment Day with pomp and colour. The theme was focusing on land restoration, desertification and drought resilience. In line with this, Braestars embraced the theme of land restoration through a variety of engaging activities.

The Early Years Foundation Stage Braestars made bird feeders, fostering a connection with nature and wildlife conservation. Their enthusiasm was palpable as they worked together to create safe havens for our feathered friends.


Year 1 Braestars showcased their creativity and commitment to recycling by making masks from recycled slippers. Their imaginative designs highlighted the fun and innovative possibilities of reusing materials.

unnamed (2).jpg
unnamed (1).jpg

Year 2 Braestars combined art and environmental awareness by crafting percussion instruments from recycled materials. Their musical creations not only sounded wonderful but also underscored the importance of recycling in a tangible way.

Year 2 - 1.jpg
Year 2 - 2.jpg
year 2.png

The Year 3s and 4s were not left behind as they took on a culinary challenge, designing food menus featuring healthy, locally grown foods. This activity emphasized the importance of sustainable agriculture and the benefits of consuming locally sourced produce.


Year 5 Braestars conducted a fascinating water retention experiment. Through this hands-on activity, they learned about the vital role of soil and plants in conserving water, an essential resource.

To sum it up, the Year 6 Braestars designed and made devices to collect rainwater, exploring innovative ways to use it. Their projects highlighted the significance of water conservation and the practical steps we can take to preserve this precious resource.


What an educative and enjoyable day for Braestars! Small hands can change the world. #GenerationRestoration

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